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The raw cost of timber is calculated using cubic meters. The following tool helps you calculate a rough estimate of timber costs. Below you will also find some useful information on timber costs including details on the most expensive commonly available timbers for construction and renovation projects.

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How is a cubic meter calculator?
A Cubic Metre of timber is calculated by using the nominal value of the thickness of the timber, the nominal value of the width of the timber, multiplied by the actual length of the timber.

Which timbers are the most expensive to buy in the UK?
Timber price can vary depending on demand and economic and environmental conditions, but in general, the following commonly available timers are considered the most expensive in the UK, for more about expensive woods across the world please also visit our popular blog:

  1. Balau - A pale brown hardwood commonly used for construction and decking. It is hard to source, as a raw material, as it is often imported, pre-machined for decking. Not only is Balau an expensive, its also hard to work but is very durable.
  2. Teak - Teak is known for its durability, ease of working with, and attractive finish. It is a popular choice for high-end furniture, both interior and exterior, as well as for decking and cladding. It is a more expensive hardwood species due to restrictions on harvesting, but is considered worth the investment for its superior quality. Teak has become increasingl hard to come by due to environmental factors.
  3. American Black Walnut - Walnut is a beautiful wood, it is expensive but also readily available. The wood is typically a rich warm, dark brown, often knotty, particularly with wider boards, and may require dark or ebony filler in the knots. It is a popular choice for timber products such as furniture, skirting boards, architrave, cover fillets, and mouldings.

What are the cheapest timbers in the UK?
Timber prices vary all the time, but in general the following timbers are widely regarded as the most affordable / cheapest in the UK:

  1. Tulipwood - A great timber for internal joinery an mouldings. Tulipwood paints well. Choice logs are sliced into veneers for use in marquetry and cabinetwork.
  2. Scandinavian Redwood - Scandinavian redwood, a softwood, can be described as light brown, white/cream (very light brown), yellow/brown, orange
  3. Douglas Fir - Douglas Fir can be whitish to pale yellow or red-pink, and varies in thickness. The grain is normally straight.

How much does timber cost per cubic meter?
The price can change and does so often. The price is all dependent on the board size or thickness, but in general below are some estimated price per cubic meter based on board sizes of around 50mm thick and should be used for guidance only, for exact prices contact your timber merchant or get multiple price options from real suppliers on Wooduchoose).

  1. Black Walnut (American) - Estimated £5712 - £8568 - Per Cubic Meter
  2. Cedar - Estimated £1680 - £2520 - Per Cubic Meter
  3. Cherry - Estimated £2046 - £3070 - Per Cubic Meter
  4. Douglas Fir - Estimated £1033 - £1550 - Per Cubic Meter
  5. Tulipwood (Poplar) - Estimated £936 - £1404 - Per Cubic Meter

Please Note, the estimated prices should be used only as a guide and may vary greatly, the prices show are for information purposes only.

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