Square Metre Calculator

The square metre is used to measure the area of a square or rectangle. The formula for calculating square metres is length x width = m2

Length (m)
Width (m)

What exactly does 'metre squared' mean?
A 'metre squared' or 'meter squared' is a unit of area measurement in the International System of Units, commonly used to measure flat spaces such as floors, wall or plots of land. Basically the area. One square metre equals the area of a square with sides that are one metre in length.

How is the area in Square Metres calculated?
To determine the area in square metres, you must measure the length and width of the space in metres. Multiplying these two figures will give you the area in square metres (m2). For instance, if a room is 4 metres long and 3 metres wide, its area is 12 m2.

What are the practical uses of Square Metres?
Square metres are widely used in everyday life, from calculating the size of a room for flooring to measuring land for landscaping. In woodworking, this measurement is crucial for material estimates and to ensure the correct amount of wood is used for projects.

Why are flooring sizes calculated in Square Metres?
Flooring is typically calculated in square metres as it provides a clear representation of the area covered. This unit of measure helps in accurately purchasing the right amount of flooring materials, whether it is tiles, carpet, or wooden boards. Wastage is also needs to be considered when calculating how much of a material is needed. This allows for offcuts and considers sheet or board sizes. For wooden flooring this wastage can be 10% as a rule of thumb but all materials will differ.

How do you calculate the number of decking packs required based on Square Metres?
To calculate the amount of decking needed, first determine the total area to be covered in square metres. Then, find out the coverage of one decking pack. Divide the total area by the coverage of one pack to find out the number of packs required. Again, as above, an allowance for wastage is also needed.

What relevance does Square Metres have in carpentry, joinery and woodworking?
Square metres are used to calculate the quantity of materials needed and the size of a project. It is a fundamental unit for creating accurate plans and ensuring the efficient use of resources.

How do you convert Square Metres to other units?
Converting square metres to other units involves specific multiplication or division. For square feet, the factor is 10.7639. For square inches, multiply the area in square metres by 1,550. For conversions to square miles, a rare but large-scale application, divide the area in square metres by 2,589,988.1103.

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