Cubic Metre Wood Weight Calculator

Our Cubic Metre Wood Weight Calculator offers an essential resource for professionals and enthusiasts in woodworking and construction. This tool is designed to provide accurate estimations of wood weight based on its volume and density. Whether you are planning a construction project, preparing timber for transportation, or simply curious about the weight of different wood types, our calculator simplifies these calculations. Simply enter the total m3 of your wood, choose the species, and let our calculator do the rest. If you have lengths or sections of timber you can also try our main wood weight tool or for logs try our wood logs weight calculator.

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What is the Weight of a Cubic Metre of Wood?
It is essential to recognise the weight distinction: on average, the density of hardwoods, that are used in the UK, is approximately 700 kilograms per solid cubic metre, whereas softwoods typically have a density of around 500 kilograms per solid cubic metre. To match the weight of 1.0 cubic metre of hardwood, one would require approximately 1.35 cubic metres of softwood. Please not though that is is very crude and some hardwoods are much lighter than some softwoods. Please try our wood weight comparison tool to be sure.

Calculating the Weight of Wood
Understanding the weight of the wood you intend to use in your home is crucial. To estimate the weight of a specific wood slab, find the wood density value and multiply this figure by the wood's volume. The formula to determine the weight of wood is straightforward: Weight = Density × Volume. The added layer of the moisture content is also a key factor in understanding the actual, total weight. Learn more about how moisture content plays a big part in the weight of timber.

Density and Weight of Wood Per Volume
Solid wood, often referred to by its chemical composition name, lignocellulose, has a specific gravity of about 1.5. This translates to a weight of around 1500 kg/m3 (93.6 lb/ft3) at its absolute densest – meaning without any air, water, or other substances within the cellular structure that could reduce the wood's overall weight for a given volume.

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