Architects, do you specify the right wood?

Posted on Wednesday 28 July 2021 at 11:53

A Brief Introduction to: Architects, do you specify the right wood?

Choosing the right wood is crucial for architects and designers, focusing on aesthetics, durability, and how wood ages. The wood durability league table, a comprehensive guide available in the UK, assists in this selection, offering insights into various timbers' longevity. Wooduchoose extends its support further by offering exclusive access to CAD (DWG) timber mouldings for architects, aiding in project design and historical restorations. This service, secure and complimentary, simplifies the specification process, ensuring architects can easily incorporate detailed woodwork into their plans. With additional features like instant pricing and categorization by architectural period, Wooduchoose stands as a valuable tool for professionals, streamlining project planning and execution. For access and more information, architects are invited to register and explore these resources. 

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